Today’s remodeling update: this post is provoked by Kylie Brandt’s hilarious comment about her husband asking the budget of a remodel and her reply that she didn’t know because all the bills weren’t in, yet.

Let the record show that the kitchen designer and I were prepared to do our best to stick to the remodeling budget.

And then dear husband got involved. 

In his defense, his mother passed away recently, and she was a gourmet cook with arguably the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen. I fully understand that remodeling our kitchen is, in large part, a tribute to her.

But, it turns out the budget was more of a suggestion than an actual financial document in hubby’s mind. My new mantra is, “I shall not ask what it costs. I shall not ask what it costs.”

When that fails to restore my breathing to actual function, I default to, “It will increase the value of the house. It will increase the value of the house.”

Last, but not least, I go to, “This is cheaper than hiring a hit man. This is cheaper than hiring a hit man.”

demolished kitchen
demolished family room

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