Doggo Cuteness in the Dees House

If you need to know one thing about me, it’s that I love dogs. Personally, I find that most dogs are better people than most humans. Right now, we only have one dog, a very large, energetic, Doberman Pinscher puppy named Waffles. He keeps the whole family on its toes pretty much all the time.

We’re remodeling our kitchen and family room, and Waffles has been quite worried by all the packing and chaos. But night before last, he saw me packing up my cross stitch supplies in a big cloth bag to move them. He picked up one of his fave tennis balls, carried it over to my bag, and dropped it in. Then he looked up hopefully and wagged his tail. Sweet baby.

We didn’t catch the moment on camera, but here he is being as adorable as possible with his fave tug toy in an attempt to get someone to play with him. We did, of course. Because who can resist a puppy when they pull out all the cuteness stops?

Doberman puppy lying on back with tug toy

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