It’s good to lurk on multiple writer’s loops where authors compare notes and experiences. Recently, a lot of us have been talking about our dramatically shrinking FB reach. As far as we can tell, our favorite social media host is messing with its “post reach” algorithms again.

What seems to be happening–and this is by no means scientific or confirmed, but merely the observation of multiple authors–is that when a post goes out, if many or most of the first 5-10 people who read it interact with it by liking it or sharing it, then the post is labeled “hot” and gets a much wider distribution.

Conversely, if few people or no people interact with the post immediately, it’s buried, and very few people see it.

Also, posts with key words like “New Job” or “New Baby” get wide distribution immediately.

When a post gets a lot of comments with the word “Congratulations” in them, the post gets wider distribution.

FB admits to having up to 100,000 parameters that determine how widely posts are distributed. Hence, I think it makes great sense to copy your articles and news and post them on other social media platforms that are readily accessible to your readers, friends, and fans.

In my case, I post the big stuff to Goodreads, my Amazon Author Page, and most importantly, my website. I talked in my last post about setting up a widget folks can opt in to that notifies them anytime I make a post there. It gives a short sneak preview of the post (just a few sentences) so people can decide if they want to click over an read the whole thing. Very handy, and my fans, friends, and readers never miss a post.

Unlike on Facebook, where your odds of seeing my posts are currently sitting at a whopping 1.5%. Just sayin.

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