This area of the website is still under construction. Don’t panic…it’ll be up and running very soon. In the mean time, you can  go to and browse around that site to learn more about the world of Urth and find out the next event dates for the live game. The game rules are available for free download, and the player chat forums are there. Both are great places to start getting a feel for the world.

The Dragon Crest books (including THE SLEEPING KING) contain many characters created and portrayed by real people. This means it’s possible to read about individuals in the book and later to meet them for real at a Dragon Crest event, a gaming convention, or other public appearance. You can even go adventuring with most of the characters from the books if you’d like. Many of the book characters hang out on the forums as well and you can speak directly with them.

You, too, can create a character, participate in the live events, and potentially end up in one of the forthcoming Dragon Crest books. Urth is a living world with ongoing stories, driven by the players, in progress.

So dive in, build yourself a character and start playing with us. Who know? You might star in a future Dragon Crest book!


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