The book that Homeland Security asked┬ánot be written is finally coming out…January 27, 2015. ┬áThe terrorist plot that keeps government agents awake at night explodes across the pages of this gripping thriller novel by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Cindy Dees.

Hey, that’s me. Cool! And yes, Homeland Security agents really asked me not to write this book because the terrorist plot in it would work, and they didn’t have the budget to fix the weaknesses I exploited in the story. The compromise deal we made was that I would give them a year’s notice before the book is published. They’ve had their year, and Fever Zone can now hit the streets. For the record, I finished the manuscript last March. I swear. (Months before the ebola outbreak in Africa was even a blip on anyone’s radar.)

Keep tuned for details, excerpts, and a special sale price when the pre-order buttons go live…

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