Harry Potter is coming to Broadway!

Okay. Here’s the skinny before we all geek out hard…

October 1st, tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child go on sale. (link below. Fur realz.) The play opens at the Lyric Theater in New York City on April 22, 2018. The original London cast will come to New York to do the show.

All Jo Rowling will tell us is that the play is about Harry Potter and his son, Albus. The play follows Albus as he heads off to Hogwart’s as the child of a famous wizard and discovers that being the son of the great Harry Potter comes with a bunch of unique problems. People who’ve seen or read the play are ordered to “Keep Calm and Keep the Secrets”, so no spoilers are forthcoming from me!

The play apparently lasts nearly five hours in two sections with an intermission. Ohmigod… I can’t get enough Harry Potter! I would TOTALLY sit through five hours of live Harry Potter, said to come with special effects, too. Squee!

J.K. Rowling vows she won’t be doing any more Harry Potter anything, but come on. If enough of us beg hard enough, surely we can convince her to do just ONE MORE BOOK.

But what book would you ask for? More of Albus’s story? Maybe the stories of Ron and Hermione and their kids? Or maybe Neville and Luna’s story? The return of the Death Eaters for another round of Harry versus Voldemort’s minions?

In the mean time, I’ll see you guys in New York!



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