I have a new title!

It’s always a waiting game for me to find out exactly what name my publishers are going to attach to my babies. Contrary to popular opinion, most authors in the traditional publishing world do NOT get to choose the titles of their books.

If I’m lucky, the publisher asks me for a list of possible titles, or of words I might like to see in a title. But then it’s left to a marketing gurus to figure out which title signals the genre and type of book most accurately, and which draws the kind of reader who would love my story to it.

Montana meadow with mountains in the distance
Captured on July 04, 2014, in GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, USA. Photo: Andrew Gosine

Okay. So my latest book. First in a new series. Hero is an ex-Navy SEAL whose unit was wiped out in an ambush. Heroine is a widow whose husband died under suspicious circumstances.

Coming home. Secrets. New starts. Putting lives back together. Family. Oh, and someone’s trying to kill them both.

The name of the series is Runaway Ranch.

The name of the book is Navy SEAL’s Deadly Secret.

Here’s a pre-order link for Amazon in case you’re already interested. I’ll add other links on my website as other online retailers put them up.


Undoubtedly, the cover will have some sort of Montana ranch vista on it, and a scared looking woman with a buff guy (We’ll see if I’m right in about five months when I get the advance cover flat!)

I don’t know. You tell me. Does the combo of the series name and the book name signal a romantic suspense about a veteran, a scared woman, a small town, and a bad guy?

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