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    The Blackjacks

    • Mar 2019 Hot Soldier's Rescue
    • Mar 2019 Hot Soldier's Mission
    • Apr 2019 Hot Soldier's Heart

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    Valkyrie Ops: BEYOND THE LIMIT

    In a smashing new series, the first women join SEAL Team Reaper in a classified project called Operation Valkyrie. Three brave, badass women and the hot, hunky men who love them will burn down the pages on June 25, 2019...

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    Late 2019, Runaway Ranch Book 1

    Where's a guy supposed to go when a mission gone bad has forced him out of the military career he loves, leaving him with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Chase Morgan reluctantly returns home to his family's ranch in Montana with the military working dog who saved his life, where he rescues Anna Larkin from a would-be robber. She's every bit as unhappy about being back in Sunny Creek, Montana as he is, but for entirely different reasons. As ghosts from their pasts haunt them both, they must find a way to trust each other if they're going to face the secrets destroying both of their lives.