Feb 2018 — HER MISSION WITH A SEAL  (Cover not yet available, not yet available for pre-order)

As the Warrior SEALs close in on the mastermind behind a Russian crime ring and spy network, CIA analyst Nissa Beck is called in to help the team identify their elusive quarry. The last thing Commander Cole Permian needs is some desk jockey tagging along with his team, getting underfoot. What he didn’t count on was the lovely  analyst getting under his skin. As a hurricane bears down on the team, it’s a race against time to find the spy before he disappears for good. As their growing attraction complicates matters, Nissa and Cole must find a way to survive her mission with a SEAL.


TBD in 2018 — Book 1 in the Runaway Ranch series (title TBD)

Where’s a guy supposed to go when a mission gone bad has forced him out of the military career he loves, leaving him with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Chase Morgan reluctantly returns home to his family’s ranch in Montana with the military working dog who saved his life, where he rescues Anna Larkin from a would-be robber. She’s every bit as unhappy about being back in Sunny Creek, Montana as he is, but for entirely different reasons. As ghosts from their pasts haunt them both, they must find a way to trust each other if they’re going to face the secrets destroying both of their lives.




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