RWA 2017 Re-cap

On my way home from RWA 2017 (Romance Writers of America annual conference).
A few random impressions:
-Florida is moist. Very moist. I hate the word moist.
-The romance industry is thriving, but in different ways than in the past.
-God did not intend for humans to live in Florida. That’s why he put alligators there, for crying out loud. Catch a clue, people.
-Women authors continue to be supportive of one another and pay their success forward in the most generous fashion.
-I will listen to Damon Suede talk about writing any time, any place. That man is a genius.
-Perhaps I shouldn’t judge Florida as a place to live at the end of July. I should probably go back in January. To Disney World. For a week.
-Networking works. Several incredible, amazing, unbelievable career opportunities dropped into my lap from chance encounters. Hmm. Maybe they weren’t so chance, after all.
-I had a great idea to try to meet everyone at RWA who had purple hair. Met some incredibly cool people. Must do that again next year.
-In a profession that’s often isolating, frustrating, solitary, and should crushing, getting together with other writers to talk, complain, support, and encourage each other is a gift without price. If you’re a writer, make sure to find other writers to hang out with from time to time.
-am exhausted and experiencing conference coma, but I can’t wait for RWA 2018 already. And thank God, it’s in Denver next year.

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