The Sleeping King: A Dragon Crest Novel

Tor, Fall 2015.

As the evil empire of Koth tightens its stranglehold, the last dreams of freedom are fading within the peoples of Urth. A single glimmer of hope remains—a legend—of a king who has been sleeping for the past five thousand years.

If he exists and if he can be found, he might be able to defeat the mighty Kothite Empire. The task falls to a pair of untried teens, chosen from opposite ends of the empire by unseen forces beyond the realm of Man, Will Cobb from Hickory Hollow and Raina of Tyrel.

As the Prophecy of the End gathers force, it calls more and more adventurers to it. They must navigate treacherous adversaries and the even more treacherous reach of the Kothites in their search. Together, the companions must find the truth before the Empire finds and crushes them.

A legend. A king. A boy and a girl. Called forth to save them all.



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