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3 Responses to Sleeping King Video Trailer!

  1. […] with my amazing colleagues at Tor Books. The world of Dragon Crest as written and imagined by Cindy Dees and Bill Flippin was pure magic. So grab your potions and and your swords, explore the realms and […]

  2. […] partners at Circle of Seven, to Tor Books for hiring me to do such a fantastic work, and to author Cindy Dees for writing the kind of book that inspired me to create an award-winning video. *HAPPY DANCES FOR […]

  3. […] The Dreaming Hunt, book 2 of the Dragon Crest fantasy series by Cindy Dees. I got to read The Sleeping King ARC (book 1 of the series) when it released in hardcover this fall. Great fantasy! A band of kids embark on a series of mishaps and adventures that may—or may not—save a kingdom from the evil Koth empire! In grand fantasy style, they’re only a third of the way through at the end of book 1. So book 2 continues their mis/adventures. It’s really quite fun and book 2 will be out this September! Here’s a link to her video trailer. […]

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