Part of your job as an author, whether traditionally print published or self-published, is to do self-promotion. But, with something like 5 million writers self-publishing these days, the promotional waters are getting pretty darned crowded. It’s critically important to do self-promotion that doesn’t get drowned in the deluge of other promotion, and which actually gives you a reasonable bang for the buck.

This means a second vitally important part of self-promoting is staying on the leading edge of what marketing tools are available, what’s being tried and experimented with, and what’s working for a lot of authors.

And THIS means you need to fairly continually research what’s going on in the field of book marketing. Freaking out a little, yet?

One way to do that is to follow my posts, where I try to highlight marketing and promote tools I’ve found that are working for some or many authors.

For example, here’s one I learned about today from another VERY marketing savvy author. It’s called THUNDERCLAP. It’s like a Kickstarter Campaign for self-promotion. You put a book up on the site, and then you have to gather 100 supporters. If you do that, then your advertisement goes out to the various social media lists of all those people automatically. If you fail to get the minimum 100 likes, then your campaign dies and is nixed. If you want, you can turn it into a bit of a game among your friends, family, and fans.

Here’s the link to the THUNDERCLAP campaign I’m doing for a terrific boxed set of books I wrote in. Give the link a click and check it out. This may be something you can do for your book. And hey. The price is right. It’s free! If you’re feeling generous, feel free to support our series. Will be happy to do the same for yours… LINK

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