The Reality of Women in Infantry

Yes, I wrote the Medusa books, and yes, I was a woman in the military, and furthermore an officer. But this article is one of the most cogent reality checks I’ve seen about women serving specifically in the infantry. I agree with this general’s view of reality 100%. He spells out seven compelling reasons why women specifically in the infantry are problematic…in a big way.

Here’s the thing. When I wrote about the Medusa’s, I segregated them from male Special Forces units, and I designed missions specifically structured to fit their capabilities, particularly their physical limitations. Segregation and modified mission parameters are the keys to success for my hypothetical female Special Forces teams.

While I didn’t make a huge deal of either element, let there be no mistake. I don’t think there’s any way women could ever serve effectively in primarily male Special Forces teams without degrading the overall efficiency of the teams. I DO think my modified Medusa model would work. But the modifications are absolutely critical to mission success.

Just keepin’ it real.

I really do need to write some more Medusa books, don’t I?





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