What they DON’T show you on HGTV, part 2

Sorry for the long silence but chaos prevails in my house as a result of all the stuff they DON’T show you about a major home remodel.

Am starting to be quite passive aggressive about those couples who blithely announce that they have 1.2 million to spend on a new house and 150K to spend remodeling to sell the old house, oh and she’s a part time yoga instructor and he wraps crayons for a living. We all hate you.

I talked last time about it taking months to do the financing, but obviously, yoga-girl and crayon-boy inherited millions and don’t actually work for a living, nor have they ever heard of financing. Hating you two a little more.
Another thing those TV families get to skip is finding and hiring a reputable contractor and a top-notch kitchen designer. We spent WEEKS on both. If you think about picking an OB/GYN…it’s about that stressful a choice for each.

As an aside, DO use a project manager/interior deisgner/kitchen designer. Ours knows all the moving parts of this major project and keeps lists of everything we choose for the contractors, and she keeps our more…eccentric…personal tastes from overtaking basic good design.

Most importantly, the TV shows don’t portray accurately that your designer had also better be a hella good marriage counselor. In fact, I might go so far as to say, this is the most important quality of your designer.

Who knew that two reasonable adults can actually wax homicidal over tile backsplashes? Like I said. Get yourself a marriage counselor who also happens to design kitchens…

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