Blackjacks 6 & 7 are LIVE!

Hot Soldier Sniper and Hot Soldier’s Rescue are here! Links to buy both are in my shop. (Click on Shop in the menu above, then click on Blackjack Series. Links for all the Blackjack titles on all live platforms are loaded up and ready to go for you!) As if that’s not fun enough, Blackjacks books 8 and 9 are just around the corner…


  1. Sarah Harlamert says:

    I am reading the Blackjack series and only purchase books through iBooks. I read the series through book 4 and went to purchase book 5 and can’t purchase through iBooks. It let me purchase book 6 and it looks like book 7 is also available. Is this some type of glitch? Seems odd you would have the ability to buy all but book 5 through iBooks.

    • cindydees says:

      All right Sarah, After WEEKS of fighting iCloud, the Apple Store, and iTunes, we THINK we’ve got Hot Soldier Bodyguard re-uploaded for you. The iTunes people say it should be available within 24 hours for download. I’ll believe it when I see it at this point. But I wanted to let you know as soon as possible that you might be able to get Hot Soldier Bodyguard in the next day or so. Please email me at my private email if you can’t get it by early this coming week, and I’ll find a way to get you that darned book! Fingers crossed that this fix worked and happy reading to you, Cindy

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