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Hot Soldier's Rescue by Cindy Dees

Hot Soldier’s Rescue

…a courageous woman, bent on saving a pair of orphans, the children of her mortal enemy. A courageous man, assigned to rescue them all from one of the hottest combat zones on Earth. A desperate race against war and death to give them all a new start in HOT SOLDIER’S RESCUE…

The only way to rescue two orphaned children from a war zone is for Elise Omayo to go undercover…masquerading as a nun. Sexy solider, Ted Fisher, is on his own dangerous undercover mission…and inexplicably drawn to the very un-nun-like Elise. What secrets are they both keeping…and will they be uncovered before time runs out?

March 20, 2019

Cynthia Dees Publishing

214 pages


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