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Over the Edge by Cindy Dees

Book 2

Over the Edge

Navy SEAL Rule #1: Never, ever, leave a man—or woman—behind.

Navy SEAL Rule #2: Do whatever it takes to obey Rule #1.

When Trevor Westbrook is sent on a suicide mission to rescue his kidnapped teammate, there’s no way Anna Marlow is letting him go alone. Even though she’s not done training in the Valkyrie Ops program to create the first women Navy SEALs, she follows her swim buddy and mentor on the dangerous op.

Forced to pose as a couple, their ruse threatens to become real as they go deep into enemy territory in search of Team Reaper’s missing man. Can they keep their smoking hot chemistry from spinning out of control as they walk a tightrope between love and duty, life and death, with all their lives hanging in the balance, or will they go over the edge into disaster?

July 26, 2022

Cynthia Dees Publishing

333 pages

Available Formats: eBook, Audiobook

Available at leading online retailers