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The Medusa Affair by Cindy Dees

Book 4

The Medusa Affair

He’s a spy trapped between two worlds, she’s a soldier firmly loyal to her country, yet when they meet, no power on earth can come between them…or can it? Accused of crimes they didn’t commit and on the run from their own teammates, what will they do when incendiary attraction explodes between them? They’re supposed to be enemies, they’re quickly becoming lovers, and the whole world is against them.

When Misty Cordell helps spy, Greg Mitchell steal a Russian jet, she has no idea the mess she’s getting herself into. When Greg flees a long-term undercover assignment, he doesn’t count on Misty upending his carefully planned escape and bringing down both governments on their heads. They must walk away from each other or else they stand to lose everything—their teammates, their careers, and their lives. But what if they can’t deny their hearts?

February 7, 2023

Cynthia Dees Publishing

236 pages


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