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The Medusa Prophecy by Cindy Dees

Book 3

The Medusa Prophecy

Her instructor calls her She-Hulk, and she’s humiliated by her size and strength. The locals call her Freya reincarnated, and she’s embarrassed. But then a gorgeous Norwegian commando calls her beautiful…and everything changes. Has she finally found her fated mate in the frozen Arctic—a Viking warrior who can actually beat her in a fair fight?

As Karen Turner and the Medusas race to stop a lethal new drug from hitting the market, will Norwegian Special Forces officer, Anders Larson, finally stop Karen from running from herself? Is he the one man who can convince her she’s perfect just the way she is, and can she find the strength inside herself to save them all?

January 17, 2023

Cynthia Dees Publishing

302 pages