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The Tropoholic's Guide to Universal Thriller Tropes by Cindy Dees

The Tropholic’s Guide to Universal Thriller Tropes

Written by a working writer for working writers, this is a comprehensive reference guide and brainstorming tool to help you quickly generate ideas, create characters and plot, revise and edit, brand and market your story. You’ll write faster, cleaner, and deliver your audience a story they’ll recognize and love. If you’re writing a novel, script, play, comic, graphic novel, video game script, or other story format that includes a thriller element, this book is for you.

In this volume, Cindy does in-depth analysis of 40 iconic thriller tropes found across all sub-genres of thriller fiction. Each trope entry includes:

  • detailed definition and analysis
  • list of adjacent tropes
  • list of reasons why audiences love this trope
  • descriptions of all obligatory scenes necessary to structure this trope correctly
  • list of additional key scenes important to this trope
  • an extensive list of questions to think about when writing this trope
  • an extensive list of traps to avoid when writing this trope
  • examples of each trope in action taken from television, film, and novels
August 1, 2024

Cynthia Dees Publishing


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