The MEDUSAs are coming back!

I’m thrilled to announce that the Medusas are returning with three brand new stories in May, June, and July of 2019! That’s right. Three NEW stories of women from the famed all-female Special Forces team, and the smoking hot men who dare to love them!


  1. Linda g singleton says:

    I am thrilled the medusas are back. I loved the original series. But what happened to the 2nd. group of medusas. There was a possible hint that the entire team was wiped us more,please.thanks. linda gs

    • cindydees says:

      Hi Linda! Thanks so much for reaching out to me–I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the Medusas. Me, too! So, you caught that reference to the second team, huh?

      I had two writer problems to deal with in launching these new Medusa books, and I came up with the second team’s “wipeout” to handle both. First, I had to account for the passage of a bunch of time between the formation of the first team and today. Second, Harlequin wanted me to “relaunch” the series because it has been a while since the first nine Medusa stories.

      I know in my own mind what happened to the second Medusa team, and while everyone believes them to be dead, they’re actually not. I do hope to be able to write those stories, someday, but that purely depends on my publisher deciding to let me write more Medusa books. I didn’t want to write three more Medusa books, tie them up in a nice, neat, little bow, and have no loose ends left anywhere. If I did that, the odds of my publisher letting me write more Medusa stories would go way down. Hence, that one, giant dangling plot thread. If you keep an eye on my newsletter, I’ll try to send out updates on the status of future Medusa books as soon as I learn something more from Harlequin.

      If my publisher won’t let me write the books for them, I may just have to squeeze in writing the 2nd Medusa team stories on my own and self-publish them! Thanks again for writing to me and happy reading until the next Medusa book comes out on July 7th!


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